The Canadian Association of Technical Accident Investigators and Reconstructionists (CATAIR) was founded in 1984, initially to provide all accident investigators, the majority of whom were serving Police Officers within Canada, a professional and affordable mechanism in which to meet and share experiences and ideas. The association has grown from the concept stage, with an original membership of fewer than 20, to a maintained membership of approximately 300. Membership is maintained throughout Canada, the USA, Singapore, Australia, and Brazil.

CATAIR is an original sponsoring agency to ACTAR, was a co-sponsoring agency to WREX 2000, and is involved in the 20th anniversary celebration for TAARS. To better serve our membership, CATAIR currently has four regional chapters, one in the Province of Ontario, a second chapter serves the Atlantic Provinces, the third chapter serves the Prairie Provinces, and the fourth chapter serves the membership within the Province of Quebec.